Progesterone for Men

progesterone is not just a woman’s hormone

Issues that stem from hormonal imbalance often times clear up with just a little tweaking.  We have a number of products that may help.  Ingredients like progesterone, DHEA , l-arginine, and other naturals may bring your “T” back without prescription or surgery.

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We’ve been helping men since 1998
In 1998 we began our business by helping couples overcome infertility; naturally – men and women.  Fast forward to our own natural products we’re helping with all sorts of hormonal imbalance, including male fertility, prostate issues, andropause and more.

what no man wants to talk about

We get you. What man wants to talk about gynecomastia (man boobs), infertility, ED and urination 4x a night?  On the other hand, it’s hard to be a confident, alpha male if you don’t address the issues?  Progesterone for men highlights the products you are looking for; not just  a bottle of hope.  Education is the best physician.  Great products the necessary assistant.


Teens with lasting gynecomastia by 18


Estimated % of men with ED by age 40


Believed infertility attributed to men


Men with enlarged prostate by age 50

What is Andropause?

SImply put, andropause is the male version of menopause.  Rather than signaling the end of menstruation it is associated with a waning of fertility and virility in men; usually in their mid forties and beyond.

There are so many products out there for women in menopause. As a woman writing this, I know we talk more freely about our health concerns with other women and our doctors.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil. In this case that oil is in the form of andropause products.

Now that hormonal imbalance for men has become more understood, more products are being formulated to address male only issues.  And so the term Andropause was coined.  Andropause Cream, ProgestOil, Arginine Gel, Viril Tabs, Fertile Man, GynoRx and Testo Natural are all products designed to address the issues associated with early Andropause years and beyond.

Our Products

Our articles are to educate you about your individual health needs.  The products mentioned on Progesterone For Men are from Whole Family Products and are formulated to speak to a number of male health issues without the need for prescription. Visit the Whole Family Products catalog for the full list of natural products for your whole family.

Andropause Cream

Andropause is the male equivalent of menopause. Symptoms include frequent urination, loss of libido, infertility.  Andropause Cream is a progesterone PLUS herbs for men. Read more

Progest Oil

Men may also need a little progesterone?  Just 5-10mg per day may be just enough. Read more about progesterone for men.

Arginine Gel

Better sex, (for women too) workouts, circulation and hair; all are tied to more l-arginine.  Arginine Gel lets you get all the benefits but topically, not orally.

Fertile Man

For men, infertility often stems from two sperm related issues: low sperm count and morphology (not fully formed).  The ingredients in Fertile Man have been designed to assist in raising sperm count and making better sperm.  Read more.


Enlarged breast tissue, man boobs, gynecomastia; different names – same shame. Chemical toxins and poor lifestyle / food choices all play a part.  Read more.

Viril Tabs

Viril Tabs are formulated with herbs and other ingredients, including 500mg l-arginine to make you feel like your younger self again.  Women watch out.  Your howl might be back, in the sack.

Testo Natural for Men

Testo Natural is an incredible formula for rebalancing testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. DHEA, libido blend, chrysin, herbs and homeopathics all working closely to raise and balance the hormone testosterone. Very popular with sports and gym enthusiasts. Read more.
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