9 Symptoms of Low Progesterone Levels In Men

Adams Cream is a natural hormone progesterone cream made exclusively for men. Men of all ages who have a hormonal imbalance and are having problems caused by low progesterone levels, high estrogen levels, and prostate problems can benefit from a natural hormone cream like Adams Cream. Adams Cream works to help balance out male hormones, promote better health, and improve sexual function.

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Men who have an excess amount of estrogen and not enough progesterone can end up suffering from a variety of symptoms and problems.

Symptoms of Low Progesterone Levels in Men

  1. Anxiety Irritability & Moodiness
  2. Breast Enlargement Low Libido (pronounced)
  3. Bone Loss Prostate Enlargement
  4. Decreased Urine Flow Puffiness and Bloating
  5. Fewer Firm Erections and intense orgasms Nervousness
  6. Hair Loss Sleep Disturbances
  7. Headaches Thyroid Adrenal imbalances
  8. Impotency Weight gain
  9. Increased Urgency to Urinate

Using a natural hormonal progesterone cream can help to alleviate all of the foregoing symptoms and more. Progesterone is the primary predecessor of testosterone and the adrenal cortical hormones. When we don’t naturally produce enough progesterone and our progesterone levels decrease, our uninhibited estrogen levels will rise, which leads to such problems as an enlarged prostate (Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)). It has been said that progesterone may be the only remedy needed that can reverse BPH.

The natural hormone progesterone cream, Adams Cream, is a distinctive blend of natural herbs known to benefit men and provide male hormonal balancing. Used by men of different ages, Adams progesterone Cream is sure to help you achieve the male hormonal balancing your body needs to achieve optimal health!

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