Adams Cream

Adam’s Prostate Care – Men’s Natural Progesterone Cream

A natural progesterone cream made exclusively for men benefits may include:

  • Decrease in prostate enlargement
  • Decrease in urinary urgency
  • Increase in libido and sexual performance
  • Slows or stops the growth of prostate cancer
  • Enhances male fertility

Adams hormone cream for menMen who will benefit from Adam’s Equalizer are men who:

  • Have a sensation of not emptying their bladder – Do you get up several times a night with little satisfaction?
  • Have to urinate again less than 2 hours after urinating – Dribbling through day and night rather than fully emptying the bladder.
  • Have difficulty postponing urination – Do you feel an urgency in your bladder from prostate pressure?
  • Have to push or strain to urinate  – Find that urine is difficult to expel?
  • Have impotence  – This means that you have a hard time being sexual ready.  Your sperm may be potent but your ability for sex may not be.
  • Have less firm erections – Are you unable to achieve a satisfactory erection?  Have you been considering Viagra or even a natural alternative to Viagra?
  • Have less intense orgasms – Do you have less of a sensitivity leading to a less than satiated feeling?
  • Have sex less than 4 times a month – Do you have less of a sex drive or unable to achieve the act?
  • May suffer from infertility – Have you become infertile or unable to perform in order to achieve pregnancy for your mate?
  • Have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

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