Natural Progesterone Cream: Best Alternative For Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems and Progesterone

Prostate problems and progesterone decline tend to be linked with one another. As men age and their progesterone levels decrease, the likelihood of prostate problems increases greatly. While many people believe that progesterone is a female hormone, the fact is that men also produce progesterone. Because progesterone acts as a counter-agent against increased levels of estrogen, when a man is not producing enough of this hormone he begins to experience prostate problems. High levels of estrogen have been known to lead to prostate cancer as well as breast cancer.

Prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), loss of muscle tone, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction are all concerns for many men. Researchers have found that there is a direct link between these symptoms and low levels of progesterone and testosterone, and increased levels of estrogen. Because of this research, prostate problems and progesterone cream are now being talked about by more and more people.

Andropause Cream Benefits WFP Infographics

A number of doctors are now prescribing natural progesterone cream for prostate problems. It is recognized as a viable alternative when treating prostate problems, including prostate cancer. Progesterone cream itself is made from natural ingredients that are derived from plants which have long been proven to be very effective in helping men achieve hormonal balance, improved libido, increased energy, and even improved fertility. Progesterone cream has been noted to help increase and normalize both testosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels.

When selecting progesterone cream to improve hormonal health and help with prostate problems, it is important to ensure that the cream contains sufficient levels of natural progesterone, i.e., progesterone which naturally comes from such natural ingredients as wild yams. Many progesterone creams on the market today contain very little or no progesterone at all.

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