Importance of Progesterone For Prostate Health, Uses & Benefits

Progesterone for Prostate Health

Because as men age, their progesterone levels decrease which tend to lead to problems with their prostate, progesterone for prostate health is now being recommended by many doctors. Progesterone, along with testosterone helps men avoid a number of health complications. The hormone progesterone itself is as a precursor that is used to build up other hormones and help maintain hormonal balance.Progesterone for Prostate Health

About Progesterone for Prostate Health

Progesterone is very important for prostate health. The hormone progesterone inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT — a compound that is believed to cause prostate cell growth, a.k.a. enlarged ). In addition, progesterone helps to increase testosterone levels and helps turn fat into energy. The hormone also acts as a counter agent for estrogen, which helps ensure that hormonal balance is maintained and protects against potential prostate problems.

One of the most common prostate problems that occur in men over 40 years old is an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate is described as a narrowing of the urethra. Men who suffer from an enlarged prostate tend to suffer with a variety of symptoms, including frequent and even painful urination, low sex drives, and infertility. It is now a widely known practice that such natural preparations as progesterone creams are used to help alleviate many of these symptoms.

The regular use of progesterone creams can provide a variety of benefits, including a renewal of energy, enhanced libido and stamina, improved fertility, and regular urination. Progesterone for prostate health should not be taken lightly. To learn more about the benefits of progesterone for prostate problems, please take some time and peruse our site. We, your trusted natural health supplements store online Whole Family Products care about your prostate health!

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