Progesterone Supplements & Creams: Effective For Prostate Health Problems

Progesterone for Men

Hormone supplements and creams such as progesterone for men have proven to help people achieve hormonal balance. While some people suffer with hormonal imbalances at an early age, most often imbalances occur as we get older. This is because our bodies tend to slow down the production of certain hormones, causing an elevated amount of others.

Andropause Cream Increase Male Libido Infographics

In men, one particular hormone that can have a great impact on prostate health generally decreases once they turn 40 years old. The hormone is testosterone. This is because testosterone is converted to estrogen in a process referred to as aromatization. When aromatization occurs, men may have symptoms that include fatigue, poor concentration, depression, increased body fat, frequent urination, decreased muscle mass, and decreased libido, which leads to an inability to perform sexually. When testosterone levels decrease, more estrogen is produced and this is where the importance of progesterone comes in. Progesterone acts as a counter agent against estrogen. Unfortunately, along with a decline in the production of testosterone, the production of progesterone also tends to decrease with age. Hence, problems begin to occur because a hormonal imbalance then occurs.

Cream Progesterone for Men

Today, there are creams for men to use that will provide them with the progesterone they need. Progesterone for men creams are known to help alleviate symptoms of enlarged prostate, including frequent urination, fatigue, depression, and libido problems. Simple to use, progesterone creams are recommended to be used daily when needed. It is recommended that anywhere from one eighth of a teaspoon to about half a teaspoon be used daily.

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